Dentists in Costa Rica

We can warmly recommend coming to Costa Rica for your dental needs. Guests that have been staying with us have generally been very happy with results from Costa Rica. The dentists here that service foreign clients are usually educated at the best universities, and usually have the most up to date equipment, and continuously participate in conferences and training to stay up to date on the latest technology within dentistry.

Below are several dentists that we can strongly recommend, based on feedback from our dental guests. All of these speak English:

Goodness Dental ( Located in Escazu, this clinic has quickly become popular among dental vacationers, and we have been having many clients of them staying with us in the last couple of years.

Colina Dental ( : Just down the hill from Posada el Quijote, this would be the dentist located closest to us. We have had a long good relation with this dental clinic.

Sonria Dental ( This is a very nice little dental “boutique” that puts the whole experience of the patient in focus. We have had very many happy clients using this dentist over the years.

LG Dental ( is small and very friendly wife/husband run clinic. We have had several happy clients who have had large procedures completed at LG Dental.

DDS Dental ( is another dentist that we have been working a lot with through the years – located just over one mile from Posada el Quijote.

Cost Rican BioDental ( Focuses on a more holistic approach to dentistry. The dentists all have normal dentist backgrounds, but focus on a more holistic approach aiming to have a more integrative biological dental practice.

Mario Garrita ( Has been around in Escazu for many years and has consistently been a highly rated dental clinic among dental vacationers and locals.

There is a long list of other dentists in the San Jose/Escazu area that we can recommend based on experience from guests staying with us:

New Smile Dental Group / Sonrisa para Todos:

DaVinci Dental Care:

Gil Dental Clinic:

DentaVac Costa Rica:

Nova Dental Clinic:


…and there are many more. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information or if you would like to discuss anything else related to dental trips to Costa Rica.


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