Driving instructions:
Our hotel can be found directly on most GPS’, otherwise we are also on Google maps and the mobile map/driving application Waze.

From the airport head towards San Jose on highway 1 (this is basically the main road to San Jose).
after around 15 minutes you will start approaching San Jose – there will be more signs and intersections. At some point you will come to an overpass, basically you will be on a bridge crossing another road. You need to head right after the overpass. This will take you on the cricumvalacion (or circular road / beltway). stay on this road for around 2km and head off the road when you see the sign for Escazu. This will take you on the new highway going towards Escazu, Santa Ana and the coast.
take the first exit on this highway towards Escazu.

Follow the road straight ahead, passing Walmart, Tony Romas, McDonalds, KFC etc. you will after around 2-300 yards come to a fork in the road, where the road splits. Follow the road to the left. Drive past Automercado, and continue for another 200 yards. You will then see a commercial center called Plaza Maynard to your right. Take the first to your left after you have passed this place.
Follow the road for 100 yards and then go left. Continue for around 7-800 yards up the road, before you take a right turn. basically this is when you get to the top of the hill – the final road to your right before the road starts heading downwards again. (if you are heading downwards you have driven too far).
-you then go 25 yards and then take the first road to your left. The hotel is after 50 yards – to your left.

Just give us a call if you have any difficulties (+506 2289 8401)- we could also come and meet you somewhere if needed. – or alternatively if you do get to the Escazu area and become lost just stop a taxi and get them to guide you here (we will pay the driver when you arrive).


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