November 2020: Costa Rica opens up to all tourists.

With Covid19 cases and hospitalisation having trended downward for several weeks, Costa Rica on the 1st of November opened its borders to all countries. At the end of October, Costa Rica also ended the mandatory Covid tests for visitors to the country.

Several rules do remain in place though. Visitors need to have filled out a medical form. Masks remain mandatory in all public places. Schools remain closed, as do many of the parks; and driving is prohibited from 10pm to 5am on weekdays, and 9pm to 5am on weekends (and therefore most bars/restaurants close after these hours). However, overall, the tourism sector is recovering, and although there are some limitations, generally life is returning to normal, and tourists should have few problems getting around the country to visit the various attractions of Costa Rica.

-The travelers we have had visiting us recently, have actually been particularly happy with how it is extra quiet now on the trips and tours they have made in the country; making them feel like VIP guests travelling to “secret” natural marvels, due to the relatively low numbers of tourists currently in the country.

For those planning on coming to Costa Rica in the near future, we would recommend staying up to date with, as travel rules could potentially change (the website is also great for getting a brief overview of main news from Costa Rica). Also please do not hesitate to call us, or write if you have any questions or if there is anything we can help you with, with regards to planning your future stay in Costa Rica!


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